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Welcome to Amarylis Colonics - the web site of qualified colonic hydrotherapist and life coach Pam Lazano, who, for over twenty years, has embraced a healthy lifestyle and fully understands the importance of good nutrition, body cleansing and detoxing to enable everyone to experience life long well being. She has used this knowledge to enhance her own health and that of many others.

Here at Amarylis Colonics we provide Colonic Hydrotherapy using the Gravitational Method. Based in Formby, Amarylis Colonics serves clients in Southport, Liverpool/Merseyside and throughout the North West generally.

Colon cleansing is beneficial for:
» Headaches » Constipation
» Migraines » Irritability
» Lethargy » Fatigue
» Bad breath » Gas
» Skin problems » Joint pains
» Allergies » Diverticulitis
» Eczema » Candida
» Psoriasis » Sinusitis
» Diarrhoea » Chronic fatigue
» Intestinal parasites » Varicose ulcers
» Excess weight » ME
» Irritable Bowel » Hemorrhoids
» Colitis » Anxiety
» Dermatitis » Depression
» Back acne » Tonsil troubles
» Indigestion » Weight loss