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  Pam Lazano Ct IHCT Qualified

Pam's Philosophy:

"My philospophy is based on supporting the body by feeding it with fresh wholesome nutritional foods, freshly squeezed vegetable and fruit juices and plenty of water and exercise. I aim to give my clients the highest standard of care, advice and motivation leading towards a healthy lifestyle."
Pam Lazano is a fully qualified colonic hydrotherapist and life coach who, for over twenty years, has embraced a healthy lifestyle and fully understands the importance of good nutrition, body cleansing and detoxing to enable everyone to experience life long well being. She has used this knowledge to enhance her own health and that of many others.

Pam started on her journey towards a healthier lifestyle in 1988 when she had her first series of colonics along with a lifestylechange. She has since completed a series of cleansing including:

» Dr Jensons Deep Tissue Cleanse
» Tony Robbins Life Mastery
» Kitty Campions juice cleansing, with Kitty and other Therapists including the late John Morley from Harley street in London and other inspiring therapists.
» The amazing liver cleanse by Andreas Moritz
» Kidney cleansing
» Gallbladder cleansing
» Other forms of liver cleansing

Since 2005 Pam has voluntary attended self development courses which include:

» Tony Robbins Health Mastery
» Tony Robbins Unleash The Power Within
» Tony Robbins Date With Destiny
» Landmark Forum
» Insight One and Two
» Essence Foundation
» Essence Advanced
» Life One

If you have any questions or would like some friendly, helpful advice please do not hesititate to contact Pam.