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Here at Amarylis we provide Colonic Hydrotherapy using the Gravitational Method. An internal bath helps cleanse the colon of poisons, gas and accumulated faecal matter. Unlike an enema, it does not involve the retention of water. There is no discomfort, internal pressure, just a steady gentle flow in and out and accompanied with abdominal massage to stimulate the colon to recover its natural shape, tone and peristaltic wave action.

Colon cleansing is beneficial for a whole range of issues - see the table below.

Colon cleansing is beneficial for:
» Headaches » Constipation
» Migraines » Irritability
» Lethargy » Fatigue
» Bad breath » Gas
» Skin problems » Joint pains
» Allergies » Diverticulitis
» Eczema » Candida
» Psoriasis » Sinusitis
» Diarrhoea » Chronic fatigue
» Intestinal parasites » Varicose ulcers
» Excess weight » ME
» Irritable Bowel » Hemorrhoids
» Colitis » Anxiety
» Dermatitis » Depression
» Back acne » Tonsil troubles
» Indigestion » Weight loss

Dr Patricia Fitzgerald names other benefits of colon cleansing:

» Enhanced digestion
» Emotional wellbeing and spiritual renewal
» Sharpened mental capabilities
» Elimination of unhealthy food addictions and allergies
» Ideal weight loss attainment
» Minimizing the ageing process Illness prevention
» Improved physical appearance

The following is an Interesting extract taken from Dr Jenson's Guide to Better Bowel Care.

MD Dr Tilden discovered toxemia is the root of most health problems and diseases. He wrote a book entitled Toxemia Explained which made quite an impact at the time of its publication. Dr Tilda was widely respected but his work has since been forgotten and neglected. Sir W. Arbuthnot Lane, physician to the British Royal Family in the late nineteenth century and first half of the twentieth century. Dr. Lane was a master surgeon. One day he operated on the bowel of an arthritic fourteen-year-old boy.

After the surgery, the boy’s arthritis was gone. This made Dr Lane stop and think. Another of Dr. Lane’s patients, a female, had toxic thyroid gland. When he operated on the woman’s bowel, her thyroid gland became normal. After many such experiences, Dr. Lane switched from practicing medicine to teaching nutrition and bowel care. During the final twenty-five years of his life, he brought out the fact that the bowel is the most important organ in the body to care for. What a wonderful discovery! In the 1950s I spent time with Dr Max Gerson at his sanitarium in New Jersey. People at the time were crying out for medications in order to get relief from their various disorders. Max, an early proponent of bowel cleansing said. “No, you need an enema not a drug.” Invariably, Max’s enemas brought relief. Since he often administered enemas day and night to keep his patients’ bowels as clean as possible. He had good success even with degenerative conditions. His book, Fifty Cancer Patients Cured, caused a significant stir in the medical community.