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This treatment has changed my life. Having struggled with digestive problems for years I now feel so much better I can hardly believe it! Pam is very knowledgeable, friendly and makes what is quite an intimate treatment feel calm and relaxing. Although I was not overweight by much I had been struggling to lose the extra pounds, and with Pam's guidance managed to lose a stone and a half, I am now back to my ideal weight, hurrah!
Beth Hunt of - visit Beth's site


Following a death in the family my bowel movements became more erratic and I consulted Pam for colonic hydrotherapy. The first thing I appreciated was her excellent "bedside manner", as she took me through the process step-by-step and took great pains to make me feel at ease. In addition to making me feel comfortable and relaxed, I also appreciated her gentle approach to administering the colonic. As a result of the colonic sessions my digestive system has now returned to normal again and I have also lost some weight, which is an added bonus. Pam is passionate about her work, generous with her wealth of knowledge and an inspiration in leading a healthy life. I have such faith in Pam that I have also recommended her to a number of people who have likewise benefitted greatly from treatment with her.
HLH female, 59 years

I just wanted to say how happy I am now that I've found somebody reliable to give me regular colonics and as well as that, help me generally in relation to my eating habits and lifestyle. A lot of which I knew already but sometimes it takes someone else pointing it out to you to really make you take note. To arrive feeling so bloated and to leave with the bloated stomach gone and literally feeling lighter is fantastic. Showing me your juicer and actually juicing some carrots for me so I could taste the juice was a masterstroke. If you'd simply suggested I get a juicer and said how great carrot juice tastes I would probably have laughed, but now I can see the benefits. I've lost a stone in 5 weeks thanks to juicing apples, pears, ginger and plenty of carrots, I dont feel I need to take all the vitamins I was taking before now I'm actually getting the vitamins and minerals from my food rather than in a chemically produced pill. Anyway, I'll stop rambling, I've spread the word and hopefully once they see more and more benefits to me, they'll get over their fear of the unknown and take charge of their lives and their bodies again and ring you to make an appointment.
Clare Rusby

Having suffered with PCOS for most of my life I was looking for ways to naturally help or possibly cure the condition. I had heard about colonic irrigation through magazines I'd read and was also aware Princess Diana was a fan !! I decided to give it a go and 4 years later almost Im still a big fan and advocate of it. Colonic irrigation, for me it took about 3 sessions before I really started to notice the difference. It helped with clarity of thought, the condition of my skin, general digestion, bloating and really helped with my IBS too. After regular session in the beginning I was able to then have a session once or twice a month and I would instanly feel the benefits firstly how clear you think and feel. It helps with weight loss and also your general well being, you feel clean on the inside. I highly recommend it and especially Pam. Knowing what the procedure entails your likely to be nervous but on meeting Pam that will instantly diminish. Pam puts you at ease and makes you feel very comfortable. Her treatment room is private and inviting. I've been seeing Pam for almost 4 years now and I wouldn't consider going to anybody else.
Sarah Hinds - Lydiate, Liverpool.


I've suffered with IBS for many years due to stress in work. It was my partner who recommended I see Pam for colonic treatment. Being a man this is something you normally would shy away from, but I gave it a try and was amazed at the benefit it had. My IBS became much better, Pam also noticed I had candida which I was then able to treat through diet and further colonics but gradually with regular treatment I started to feel fantastic from the inside out. Pam is also what makes the session enjoyable, you can have a good talk and laugh and man or woman she puts you at ease which is very important in this situation. By trying it you can only benefit!!!
Rob Bryan - Hale, Liverpool.

Pam's treatments are fantastic. I come away feeling as though I've been given an internal spring clean. I feel like I'm walking on airafterwards. A great way to get a natural high and glow all over!
Chloe from Southport

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